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The Internet, sometimes called simply “the Net,” is a worldwide system of computer
networks – . It connects millions of computers together globally, forming a network in
which any computer can communicate with any other computer as long as they are both
connected to the Internet.

1. Ability to do research from your home, work or school
2. Employment e.g. online jobs
3. Message boards where people can discuss ideas on any topic. Ability to get wide
range of opinions. People can find others that have a similar interest in whatever
they are interested in.
4. The internet provides the ability of emails. Free mail service to anyone in the
5. Friendships and love connections have been made over the internet by people
involved in love/passion over similar interests.

1. There is a lot of wrong information on the internet. Anyone can post anything,
2. Some people are getting addicted to the internet and thus causing problems with
their interactions of friends and loved ones.
3. Pornography that can get in the hands of young children too easily.
4. Easy to waste a lot of time on the internet. You can start surfing, and then realize
far more time has passed than you realized.
5. Internet has a lot of “cheater” sites. People can buy essays and pass them off as
their own far more easily than they used to be able to do.
6. There are a lot of immoral businesses that have sprung up on the internet to take
advantage of people.
7. Hackers can create viruses that can get into your personal computer and ruin
valuable data.
8. It can be quite depressing to be on the internet and realize just how uneducated
so many people have become in today’s society.

You can start sending emails to friends, family, and colleagues through Gmail by
following a few simple steps. Once you‘re logged in, clicking the ―Compose‖ button in
the upper-left of the screen will get you most of the way there!

Click Create account.
Fill in the required fields. Hit Next when you‘re done, and continue with the onscreen
instructions to complete the sign-up process.
Log into Gmail. Enter your username and password and click Sign in to sign
into your Gmail account.
Click Compose. You‘ll find this button in the upper left corner of your screen,
Type in a recipient’s email address.

Enter a comma and type another email address if there’s more than one person
you want to send the email to.
Click Subject.

Enter a subject for your email.
Type your message.
Click the underlined A to the
right of Send reveal the formatting bar. This menu bar can be used to underline, bold, italicize, and more.
Click the paperclip to attach a file.

A window will appear.
Select your file. Locate the file you‘d like to attach and click Choose.
You can also attach a file by clicking on it, holding down the mouse button, and dragging the file into the
email window.

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